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Brunei – (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism) Malay, oil/gas, rich in resources, small agriculture, tourism History – British protectorate, Joined ASEAN, Islamic fundamentalism, royal family scandals Business Opportunities – rich, welcomes foreign investment, full foreign ownership in exports, development for foreign investment, tax incentives, Infrastructure projects, Strict Islamic State, moving away from oil dependence, Imports most food Burma – (Buddhist, some Muslims Hindu Christian) republic, ports, agricultural resources, teak, socialist republic, speak English + Chinese, free education, Indian culture, Land of the golden Pagodas, rice, teak, fishing developing, Hydroelectric power, nationalized banks History – Hidu then Buddhism, Portuguese, rebellion, British/Dutch/ French tried to move in, fought British lost some land, then all, developed country, largest exporter of rice, rebellion by students, Japan, Britain, Independence, Buddhism state religion, martial law, renamed Myanmar Doing Business – socialist, army rule, some privet ownership, few international groups want to help, less radical generals moving in, tax free incentives, can only lease land, low tariffs, natural resources, full foreign ownership, some industries controlled (oil teak) Cambodia – (Buddhist) constitutional monarchy, allows 100% foreign ownership Cambodian Economy – agriculture, forestry, like Vietnam, need to import food, no birthday, khmer language, business people French History – Thailand and Vietnam invade, France declares it a protectorate, France establishes law, Japan controls WW2, Japan gives Cambodia independence, Lon Nol seizes power, Lon Nol opposers form Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot reign of terror, Vietnam restores order, UN reinstates king , Doing business – Business cards few banks, light suits, not safe some controlled by khmer rouge, little English, carry cash China – (Confucian) communist, local and foreign laws different, corruption, poor enforcement, gov interference, making changes with WTO to become more transparent, free education History - feudal system, communist, 21 demands asked by Japan, Mao takes over, Japan invade Manchuria, The long march, Japan surrenders, People’s republic 1949, Cultural revolution, red guard, Tiananmen Square Doing Business – long struggle, mistrust of foreigners, strong will to succeed, huge market, low GDP, growing market, WTO, lowering tariffs, legal system being reformed, tourism, telcom, banking, mfg, export, research, personal relationships, law, watch copyright, be aware of communist gov, false police, learn by example, culture, very diverse East Timor – occupied until recently, Portugal, Dutch, Japan WWII, Portugal, Indonesia Annexed, Fretilin fights take over, vote for independence, Indonesian military destroyed country when leaving, US + Australia wanted oil, Trained Kopassus to fight independence Economy – no infrastructure, coffee + oil lookin good, Tourism potential, agriculture, Ethnically mixed, Tatum Portuguese Indonesian, English Languages, border unstable, Infrastructure rebuilding, high unemployment, communication links,
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