IBUS final exam group study guide

IBUS final exam group study guide - Japan Face Be Reserved...

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Japan Face, Be Reserved, High power distance Homogenous 95% Nationalism, Aversion to war Like Cash currency South Korea 4 th most densely populated country homogenous strong work ethic high power distance Confucianism (but large mix of religions) Collectivist (family and group) Patriotic Laos Communist, Pathet Lao (communist leader) Buddhist Bad Infrastructure, 80% still live in villages French and British influence Foreign Aid Opp. In Hydro power + infrastructure, Poor Bank system Business Customs Similar to Cambodia, but mixture of Thai, Cambodia, and Vietnamese Cambodia Constitutional Monarchy (gay king) Strongly Buddhist Poor Infrastructure, Corrupt, Unstable Boarders Khmer Rouge (National Hate Day) Agriculture (khmer Rouge killed all the educated people) Poor Literacy Rate, Foreign Aid, Land Mines Invaded by Everyone (Thailand, France , Japanese) Vietnam 5ps: 1)Perseverance (frequent personal contact) 2)Patience 3)Presence [have local office] 4)Presents[give gifts] 5)People (must know the right people) Communist (authoritarian society, someone is always watching), Soviet style command economy, Corrupt Homogenous, Tam Giao (fusion of conf. Taoism and Buddhism) imp of harmony, Confucian hierarchy + paternal and authoritarian society 90% literacy rate French Colonialism S=individualistic and commercial, N= group, conservative Thailand Political instability except for king, Corruption 90% Buddhism (land of smiles) no colonialism (very proud of being an independent nation) low skilled workers, Agriculture, Tourism 82 % homogenous Harmony, Face The Philippines
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course IBUS 3304 taught by Professor Stevewilliams during the Three '08 term at Queensland.

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IBUS final exam group study guide - Japan Face Be Reserved...

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