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In the short story Harrison Bergeron my first reaction was noticing the irony of the whole theme. The futuristic idea of trying to better humanity by eliminating competition between humans drastically hurts mankind. This idea of the government making sure everyone is equal down to the smallest skill such as dancing seems a bit crazy even socialistic. The characters of this novel with the exception of Harrison live their lives almost as robots. They have learned to live like the way they do and cannot even think long enough to have emotions. One example of this is at the end when Hazel is crying because of what she just witnessed on television and George asks her why she was crying and she said she forgot, and just brushed it off even though her 14 year old son was just killed in front of her eyes. The problem with handicapping these people is that all beauty, talent, emotion, and knowledge are all lost due to government intervention. People that
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Unformatted text preview: are too strong are weighed down, others that are too intelligent have sound transmitters in their ear to disrupt their thoughts, and the ballerinas have masks on their faces to cover their true beauty. The protagonist of the story does rebel however unsuccessfully due to the fact that the handicapper-general has such a profound effect on the people, because they are too scared to rebel fearing they might be put in jail or killed. However most have forgotten what normal society feels like, and can’t think long enough to remember how good it was before. This story reminds me of the also futuristic novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Where the government controls what the race of humans is like and takes out all creative thought within the race. I hope the future doesn’t have to offer what these guys are foretelling....
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