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Cody Floyd IS1100 Roger Sathoff September 25, 2007 Exam 1 2. attend class regularly, hand in work on time, come to class prepared, avoid excuses, hand in neat work. 3. use active listening skills, be prepared, don’t interrupt others, speak to the point, speak clearly and loudly. 5.determine hours needed for studying for each class, write in times of fixed events, add meals, recreation and exercise, create flex time, color code. 6. stop thinking; start doing, set realistic goals, recognize what you have done, don’t cram, eliminate distractions. 7. recitation, study in groups, personalize info, use association, use background building. 9. be mentally prepared, begin when the prof. begins, note cue words, personalize notes, use a
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Unformatted text preview: tape recorder. 10. always read with a pen or highlighter in hand. Review often, read other sources, recitation, read it out loud. 11. be sure your paper is neat, learn the capabilities of your word processor, make a copy and keep it in a safe place, check web sources carefully, don’t buy a paper and turn it in as your own. 13. read through the entire exam, watch clock and budget time, read directions slowly and carefully, do what you know first, trust your first response. 15. eliminate 100% qualifiers, choose all of the above, eliminate the highest and lowest numbers, choose from similar looking answers, discard foolish or silly options....
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