A good man is hard to find

A good man is hard to find - English 2307-022 Mr Bailey...

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English 2307-022 Mr. Bailey February 24, 2008 Revelation Between Characters In “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, Flannery O’Connor uses a strong female character to portray the Christian beliefs instilled in her as a Catholic writer. The grandmother is the dominant character of the story and she ends up getting her family killed because of this. As the story takes place in the rural south it is very easy to see that the grandmother is old fashioned and moody but a firm believer that Christ will heal all. The grandmother as stated before is the lead character of this story and the leader of the family. Her son Bailey lets her boss him around and this eventually leads to the defining moment that kills the family. Bailey is unresponsive to his wife and kids and remains a flat character throughout the story. O’Connor even dresses him in a yellow shirt with parrots on it. This adds to his character making him harmless and weak compared to the grandmother and The Misfit. This power over her son leads the grandmother to attempt to take control, when The Misfit comes in contact with the family. The grandmother is not like the normal loving grandmother that is portrayed through American pop culture. She is extremely selfish and impatient, not caring about the other family members’ struggles and fears. One example of this is her bringing along her cat. She knows that Bailey and the rest of the family would disapprove however she brings it along
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A good man is hard to find - English 2307-022 Mr Bailey...

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