Essay #1 - Aria - Joshua Pinero 9/23/2007 Revision #2 Aria...

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Joshua Pinero 9/23/2007 Revision #2 Aria Richard Rodriguez tells us in his essay, “Aria”, that bilingual education should not be utilized. Rodriguez suggests that the suffering people must endure during their assimilation into the public education’s primary teaching language will benefit them in the long run. I disagree with Rodriguez’s opinion because his outlook is supported only by the experience he learned from, and does not take into account the possibly different situations other people have gone through. I, for example was taught bilingually in my home country, in English and Tagalog. This now assists me in the present as the California school district teaches primarily in English, but I maintain close relations with my family because I communicate with them in Tagalog. My circumstance is different from Rodriguez’s and yet I feel very successful, without the loss of my family connections. Rodriguez’s narrative shows a great insight into his views, but I truly believe that bilingual education can work for everyone. Bilingual education should be integrated into the system of learning. In Rodriguez’s narrative, he is telling the readers that teaching only one language in a
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Essay #1 - Aria - Joshua Pinero 9/23/2007 Revision #2 Aria...

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