Essay #5 - Movie Essay

Essay #5 - Movie Essay - Joshua Pinero Eng 28 Closer In the...

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Joshua Pinero Eng. 28 12/11/07 Closer In the film entitled “Closer”, the story revolves around two men and women who intertwined into a series of events that test their relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning to start. I loved the way the film studies the human nature of attraction, which partly focuses on the unpleasant behavior in regards to jealousy. The film serves to do all these things without a single sex scene, which is a good technique to create a brutally realistic look into the characters’ emotions. Each person in the story all have a unique and interesting character that create such great chemistry with each other, that it draws you in with every dialogue they speak. The film is about Alice, Dan, Anna, and Larry. Alice is a young adult who has a past history of working in strip clubs, she meets Dan, who is a novelist and a journalist, and soon enough, they fall in love with each other. Along the way Dan meets Anna, a divorced professional photographer. During the photo session that Anna has with Dan, they converse
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Essay #5 - Movie Essay - Joshua Pinero Eng 28 Closer In the...

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