Blake Chimney Sweep Term Paper

Blake Chimney Sweep Term Paper - William Blake, in his...

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Songs of Innocence and Experience , wrote two poems entitled The Chimney Sweeper. In short, one of them offered an Innocent view and the other one Experienced. I believe the form of Blake’s collection, Songs of Innocence and Experience , is something that requires the reader to recognize the duality of the work and read both versions of The Chimney Sweep as one poem fragmented into two. These poems cannot stand alone, so it is fair to consider them two parts of the same whole. The thing which breaks the poem, then, and is its ultimate effect, is the disparity between Innocence and Experience. Though I doubt Blake would ever say that Innocence and Experience could ever be reconciled, they do exist as inseparable counterpoints to one another. That is, they are synergistic, conjoined poems branded under different labels of ownership. The inconsistencies between these poems of the same namesake are established through Blake’s use of tone, image, and form –all of which are interrelated- and, once exposed, offer the reader a distinctive consciousness of the underlying effect of this disjoined poem. (To avoid confusion, the two poems will henceforth be designated The Chimney Sweeper (I) and The Chimney Sweeper (E).) The tone and diction of The Chimney Sweeper (I) start out on a bleak note, describing the reality of a young chimney sweeper’s situation. In the first quatrain, we learn that he is a motherless child, sold into servitude by his father to sleep in soot. What follows, it seems, should be some lamentation or aggravation over his earthly lot. Instead, the tone changes and the speaker delves into the spiritual world with confident optimism. Another, younger sweeper, Little Tom Dacre, whose head “curl’d like a lambs back” (6),
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Blake Chimney Sweep Term Paper - William Blake, in his...

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