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Response to The 2% solution

Response to The 2% solution - ES 351 Forbes Response to"The...

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ES 351; Forbes Response to “The 2% Solution” The 2% solution is an idea that, in order to stabilize the climate, the major industrial nations in the world must cut global warming by 2% each year and thus achieve an 80% reduction by 2050. Focus the Nation has proposed ten ways to achieve this goal. Many of them are vague, redundant, and overlap. Despite this fact, the three solutions I would choose would be: 1. Put money into green jobs; 2. Cut energy use; and 3. Cut emissions and develop and implement clean energy solutions. My first priority would be to invest money into the development of a green-collar job core. This might start with the establishment of new, “green” vocational schools, technical, junior, and community colleges, etc. Here, people could learn the skills necessary to build green and implement many strategies such as weatherizing houses and installing solar panels. I think that once the benefits of retrofitting become widely known then these skilled laborers will be in high demand and, if there is money to be made in the field, people will have still further incentive to seek the training to get the jobs. As Van Jones suggested, this could potentially be a way to combat poverty. If you started these schools with low-income,
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urban areas, it would not only help the community retrofit their own community, and in doing so set a standard for all income brackets, but it would also produce job opportunities for the same low-income households that are retrofitted. It would put money in the hands of the lower class for improving their own communities, effectively, allowing them the opportunity to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and set an example for, as well
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Response to The 2% solution - ES 351 Forbes Response to"The...

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