cmst 1061 test 1

cmst 1061 test 1 - What is theory? We witness phenomena and...

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What is theory? We witness phenomena and try to explain it. We then try to predict what will happen and change our behavior accordingly. How does understanding theories help us in communicating? We see how certain groups identify different meanings to different symbols and this is known as symbolic interaction. By seeing this theory in play we get a sense of the attitudes, values and beliefs of that particular group. The social construction of reality helps us realize that others may see things of the world different than us. A dog for instance may only be viewed as a pet to some people, but for others the dog might be as important as some family members. The social penetration theory helps us understand breadth and depth of communicating. You don’t want to provide too much self disclosure to someone whom you’ve just met. The social exchange theory states that we will stay in a relationship as long as the benefits outweigh the costs. By knowing and understanding these theories can help us have an open mind about others’ way of looking at things. If we can be unbiased on the meaning of certain symbols we can communicate better and see the world from a broader viewpoint. We watch others and learn from their actions and figure out what motivates people to think and act certain ways. When we learn the reasons for people’s motives we can communicate better. Be aware of different contexts of communication this is where changes will occur. look at human interaction as a process of negotiations and choice. How has performance studies changed throughout the years? We can trace performance history back 3 traditions. We have always been storytellers and historians in a way because we kept stories and songs going on for ages. In the 4 th and 5 th century, Rhapsodies performed epic poetry wore cloche and carried a staff which gave them the right to tell stories, scopes recounted historic battles and carried harps, and in the 11
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cmst 1061 test 1 - What is theory? We witness phenomena and...

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