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Sociology 1 Notes - -People try to heal by going to therapy...

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Notes- Kids for sale You’ll find cases of child exploitation in all areas of the world. - The victim often feels guilty because he does not say no - abuse usually happens after a divorce - 80 percent of women that are prostitutes have been sexually abused - Trade in young girls has increased in Vienna after the fall of the iron curtain - Vancouver is notorious for child prostitution - Child prostitutes survive an average of 7 years - Horror shock disgust are all factors that adults feel towards perpetrators - Some adults are victims of sexual abuse as well. - Children learn not to show what the feel. - If a child is depressed that means the parents have not functioned properly
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Unformatted text preview: -People try to heal by going to therapy,, but some therapists accuse the victim of being responsible for the excuse-The Canadian program outward bound is a program for women that allows them to celebrate where they’re at-It was developed in the Uk 60 yers ago. Climbing tours challege the body and soul.-Over coming fears and practicing self discipline is what the program is trying to do.-They want to communicate one on one with people to have them feel like they can relate and understand-It was hard to exit the trade because she did not know what to o, where to go, did not know anything to live on your own.-...
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