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Test Questions for final - Final Review 1. What are two...

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Final Review 1. What are two ways the theme of making is incorporated into MSND? Each of the working men that come together are makers in their own rights and create objects through their manual labor. Quince the Carpenter Bottom the Weaver Flute the Bellows Bender Snug the Joiner Starveling the Tailor These craftsmen of different trades come together to put on the play of Pyramus and Thisbe that they make with their skills and incorporation of talents. “A play within a play.” The “made” or crafted nature of drama as an art form The “made” or fictional character of the fantasy world in Shakespeare’s play. 2. In working with perspective, what tool does Alberti recommend painters use? The veil. Shows angles and helps put things in perspective. Proportions. Grid-lines. In his treatise Of Painting , Alberti uses classical rhetoric in order to link the craft of painting to the intellectual work of orators and poets like himself. Alberti also uses rhetorical theory in order to explain how paintings communicate their messages to a broad audience of viewers. Of Painting , Book II: The rhetoric of painting Alberti divides painting into three parts or stages: 1) circumscription: describes the turning of the outline in the painting. 2) composition: the rule in painting by which the parts fit together; overall
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Test Questions for final - Final Review 1. What are two...

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