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Test Questions A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1. Shakespeare poked fun at the working-class men for what purpose and what was the danger in doing so? Shakespeare did this in order to establish the higher status of his poetic art from the "hard-handed men" of guilds, or the craftsmen, but had to be careful not to offend the "groundlings" who were the working class men who attended his plays. 2. Name one connection between the holiday "May Day" and the play (or references within it). One connection is when Hermia refers to Helena as a “painted maypole” [III.ii.296] when referring to her height during the fight that they have in the woods. Another one is when Lysander refers to the wood “Where I did meet thee once with Helena, to do observance of a morn of May” [I.i.166-167], when he is explaining his plan to Hermia. Alberti 3. Describe what Alberti meant by the appropriateness or dignity of a painting?
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Unformatted text preview: The dignity of a painting has to do with the ethos; all details should be appropriate to what is being painted. For example, if you are painting someone sad, EVERYTHING about them should weigh down with sadness. Botticelli 4. What is the difference in the meaning of the naked Venus and the clothed Venus? The naked Venus portrays lust and desire, the “birth” or early stages of sexual awakening. On the other hand, the clothed Venus is less sensual and represents married love and the maturing of sexual desire. They are both connected with nature. Moeller 5. What is the Dadaist movement? It is the an artistic movement with an explicitly political message. It is the rejection of claims that there can be reason or logic in policies that lead to war and mass death....
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