A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily - A Rose for Emily a Closer Look period 1...

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Sheet1 Page 1 12/02/97 period 1 father dies and she finds it hard to let go. Emily was raised in the ante-bellum period before the Civil War. This story takes place in the Reconstruction Era after the war when the North takes control of the South. Like her father Miss Emily possesses a stubborn outlook towards life, she refuses to change. This short story explains Emily, first of the year they mailed her a tax notice. Febuary came and there was no reply. convenience. A week later the mayor wrote her himself, offering to call or to send his car for her, and received in reply a note on paper of an archaic shape, in a thin flowing calligraphy in faded ink , to the effect that she no longer went out at all. The two deaths because she was finally alone, something she in her petty life was not used A Rose for Emilyh a Closer Look William Faulknerhs hA Rose for Emilyh tells the story of a young woman who is violated by her fatherhs strict mentality. After being the only man in her life Emilyhs her mystified ways and the townsfolkhs sympathetic curiosity. The plot of the story is mainly about Miss Emilyhs attitude about change. hOn the They wrote her a formal letter asking her to call at the sheriffhs office at her tax notice was also enclosed, without comment,h (40-41). Miss Emily was convinced that she had no taxes in Jefferson because before the Civil War the South didnht have to pay. This change occurred when the North took over the South. hAfter her fatherhs death she went out very little saw her at all,h (41). Miss Emily might have stayed out of the public eye after these to. Emilyhs father never let her alone and when he died Homer Barron was a treat that she was never allowed to have. Miss Emilyhs stubborn attitude definitely came from her fatherhs strict teachings.
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Sheet1 Page 2 The characters of this story are very briefly mentioned, Miss Emily and Mr. Homer Barron are the two main characters described.
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A Rose for Emily - A Rose for Emily a Closer Look period 1...

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