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info and syllabus

info and syllabus - CMSC/AMSC 660-0101 TTh 9:30-10:45 CSI...

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CMSC/AMSC 660-0101 TTh 9:30-10:45, CSI 3120 SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING I, Fall, 2006 http://www.cs.umd.edu/users/oleary/c660/ Prof. Dianne P. O’Leary: Room 3271 A.V. Williams Building, (301) 405-2678, [email protected] , http://www.cs.umd.edu/ oleary/ Office Hours: Tuesday 8:45-9:15, Thursday 8:00-9:15, Friday 9-10, and by appointment, in AVW 3271. Please restrict telephone inquiries to office hour times, except in “emergen- cies.” E-mail is welcome anytime! Prerequisite: Undergraduate-level knowledge of numerical analysis: lin- ear equations, nonlinear equations, integration, interpolation. Programming assignments will be in Matlab. Text: Draft copy of Scientific Computing: A Second Course, with Case Studies , by Dianne P. O’Leary. Topics: Monte Carlo simulation, numerical linear algebra, nonlinear sys- tems and continuation method, optimization, ordinary differential equations. Fundamental techniques in scientific computation with an introduction to the theory and software for each topic. News: Assignments, course notes, answers to homeworks and quizzes, and announcements will be posted on the course’s homepage. You are responsible for checking this site before each class. Final Exam: None. Grading: Grading will be on a curve , except that you will be guaranteed an A if your average is 90% or better, a B if your average is 80% or better, etc. Keep all of your work in case there is any question about recording of grades. 1
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Homework : 4 assignments, 160 points. To pass this course, you must make an honest effort at each homework. Partial credit will be given for partially-working programs. There will be a 15% penalty for assign- ments turned in up to 2 days late, 30% penalty for assignments turned in 2-4 days late, etc. Quizzes : 140 points. Quizzes will be 20 minutes long, scheduled every third class. Make-ups will not be permitted unless you have docu- mented medical or other serious excuses for more than two quiz dates.
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