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- Expressionism- trying to get to know yourself - Picture- first looks like a blob, then maybe Beatrice, but then it turns to Damian and then sharpens to represent himself - Collective unconscious- status quo and archetypes are complete opposites - Collective unconscious- ideas that transcend cultures- fairy tales - Egg archetype- vulnerability/safety- birth/rebirth- light/dark- development/
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Unformatted text preview: reaching of potential -Abraxas- god of good and evil- lives inside of a person- demands individuality-Fucks the shit out mom/ Demian- pleasure and guilt- good/evil- man/woman-Dream is Abraxas-Abraxas is cultivating people to carry the way and be the leaders (Nietzsche’s Will to Power)-Connection with the sea of humanity- new identity- sense of similar cause...
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