05 - Darwins cousin Galton coined the term...

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Darwin’s cousin, Galton, coined the term eugenicsNationalism- Italian and German unifications CHAPTER 22 NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND How religious is Doistevsky? How is Doistevesky’s relationship with other Russian intellectuals? Does he embrace western modernity? Think about how he reacts to the worship of western ideology Strong Russian nationalist What is the nation? - The idea of nation changes over time, 13 th century- nation referred to groups of students from general territories - 14 th century- used to describe lords & bishops, a higher class of people - 19 th century- present- “a body of associates living under one common law and represented by same legislature” - Much broader than original interpretations - Emphasis on law and legislature - Natural right for people to come together (not necessarily nobles and monarch) - Popular sovereignty: Authority and legitimacy with leaders and people - What is the goal of the nation? - Security- is #1 goal - Economic prosperity is part of security - Salvation - Identity and purpose, state operates under one common identity, or meaning - If our identity is private then we will be very exclusive What is nationalism? - Mazzini- 1805-72- Italian nationalist - ‘nations group themselves around territories that surrounded by natural surroundings’ ‘because nations come from nature, they are god give’ - Nationalism- Stronger than patriotism - Ideological politics - A blue print for how to live our lives - Nation is best way to organize ideological thoughts - French Revolution adds to nationalism sentiment - Expresses need for new social organization - Industrial revolution leads people to much ‘larger’ styles of living life - Rise of urban centers - Families begin to be broken up - People don’t feel secure - The idea of the nation brings people together - From elite to popular phenomenon Marx and Marxism - Karl Marx, 1818-83; utopian socialists were utopian - Influence of Romanticism: “Prometheus is the foremost saint and martyr
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05 - Darwins cousin Galton coined the term...

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