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27 - Again tries to elevate him to a part of society that...

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Goes into bar because he wants to get thrown out of the window -Modernity - Increasing individualism - Rural to urban movement - Losing traditions Looking for human contact He feels that he needs to be noticed Heroic idea (very romantic notion) Plots his revenge for 2 years That revenge is bumping into the officer Wants to look equal with the officer Representation of the wall, hitting his head against the logic Stalks for 2 years to become friends with the officer Again looks for human interaction with Simenov Agonizes over whether or not he should go Finally he decides that he has to, but doesn’t want to
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Unformatted text preview: Again tries to elevate him to a part of society that he doesn’t belong to Hates these men, but wants to be friends with them He wants them to view him as an intellectual, and as superior Finally finds someone of a lower social class than him His moral standards are lower than his social standards Gives her the money because its irrational Is this beyond the wall of rationality? Fatalistic theme throughout the book The basis of what makes us human is our ability to choose He feels like living by the book negates this ^ He appears to be completely uninterested in the west...
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