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Habsbawm- chapter 5 page 86 or so Triple Revolution - Agriculture - Reorganization of land ownership and management - Many developments in agriculture - Mid 18 th century - Loss of American colonies - Loss of material goods and income - Enclosure - No need to move things very far, because everyone is sort of together - Population Spark - Malthus - Population growing faster than food supply - Incredibly not true statistics - Positive check - - Preventative check - Drop in death rate - Plague disappears - Rise in birth rate - But still huge infant death rate - People getting married earlier and having kids earlier - Population + agriculture - People move out of country because of enclosure and developments that
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Unformatted text preview: make agriculture more efficient- Industry- Entrepreneurs- Supported by desire to spend their money- Religion and industrial development- Protestant work ethic- Don’t be cheap- Most of Britain develops extremely rigorous work ethic- No Catholicism telling people to give away their money - Heyck disagrees with work ethic only idea- Doesn’t see much of a difference between Protestantism and Catholicism- Conclusion- Money is the only thing that matters in hierarchy- Latter with many rungs God- Jesus- Monarch- Nobility… etc.- Begins to fall out of place because of Marx- Paternalism turns to efficiency- Clock is very important...
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