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22 - battle field never leaves us it effects us mentally...

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Ernst Junger- German writer- 1895-1998- Classical high school education WW1 Lieutenant- wounded many times- storm trooper Heroic soldier- talented writer- Storm of Steel (1919- translated 1929) “The modern battle field is like a huge, sleeping machine”- Junger “A battle was no longer an episode that spent itself in blood and fire it was a condition of things that dug itself in remorselessly week after week and even month after month”- The
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Unformatted text preview: battle field never leaves us, it effects us mentally and physically Refused to join the NAZI party (unlike Sears) WW1= total war? Soldiers thought that they were fighting a holy war “Thy kingdom come…” postcards “war was like Christmas, a completely revolutionizing event, in which history, the world was changed, an event which human beings could not avoid”- life now has something to die for”...
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