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history 10-03 - Nietzsche Darwin(1809-82 Interested in...

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Consumerism: Department stores boom Manufacturing can produce more goods More consumers “Cathedrals of consumption” More goods for less money Window shop displays attract many customers Women are not out very often Drinking is a big part of the consumer lifestyle English workers spent 25% of their money on booze French people would drink 60+ gallons of wine annually plus beer, brandy and absinthe France has 1 bar per 54 people; British have 1 bar per 843 people Opium begins to rise in the 19 th century Drug related suicides also grow as drug use grows (what else would happen?) Can people understand their freedom or will they just abuse it (similar to college)
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Unformatted text preview: Nietzsche Darwin (1809-82)- Interested in theology- Doesn’t think that he is fit to be involved in religion- Naturalist on a voyage- Writes the Origin of Species- most important book of the century- Evolution was not a new theory, but he made it more detailed- Modern tone in the book because it was time for change- Are Darwin’s ideas applicable to man?- Darwin did not want to comment on humans- In 1871 Darwin had to respond and wrote The Descent of Man- Said YES it does apply to man- Was there order in life, or was it all determined by ‘natrual selection’? Freud...
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