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10 - Sot party is biggest in Germany pre WW1 Enthusiasm for...

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Freud - Totem and Taboo (1913) - Primordial act of all civilization: sons killed father over access to women - Freud influenced by Wagner- myths in opera - Totems (super-ego) signified to reinstate father; in women, “penis envy” - Politics could keep a lid on things, protect society from primordial acts - Was history shaped by struggle? - Marx yes- class struggle= history - Was humankind determined by irrational forces; was “self” conflicted, driven, mysterious? - Is it possible to achieve immanent transcendence? - Yes, the self-overcoming the creature - Not much faith in politics - Nietzsche is the only one of the big 3 to be interested in politics - Beyond Good and Evil- Nietzsche wanted European unity Political Scene - Mass politics
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Unformatted text preview: - Sot party is biggest in Germany pre WW1- Enthusiasm for new Europe- Connected people are elected all the time in old Europe- New Europe everyone votes- Working class did not have the vote- Women dont vote- Voter turnout is huge 85-90%- Practicing Democracy- Politics substitutes for religion Liberalism- Reason applicable to science, life; education; no superstition; silent revolution- Giovanni Giolitti (1842-1928)- Very liberal European society- Progress; individualism, liberty, turn to social &electoral reform; bourgeois support- Had importance on citizenship- Not defined by anything other than your citizenship- But how is your citizenship defined?- Weak party structure in both Germany and Italy...
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