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How to create a dictatorship - Make Germany safe for “race” and “space” - Do anything to strengthen the race - Thousand-year empire - Population explosion - Future is in Europe- Soviet Union- not Asia or Africa - State terror (SA, SS); destroy political parties- 7/14/33 - Organized thuggary - Cult of personality smoothes conflicts but also has identity function - Hitler knows that the people need a savior of sorts, but they also need chaos- he provides both Soviet rule- Stalin - Personality cult; direct relation of individual to leader; atomization - Stalin is boring - Propaganda - Will Marxist ideology be spread to different countries? - Trotsky gets axe in head- Stalinist assassin - Autarky- self-sufficient development - Five- Year plan (1928); rationality, efficiency
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Unformatted text preview: - Forced industrialization, capital goods; in 1930s, popular consumption- People forced into the cities- Soviet population will need to make fewer sacrifices - Soviet economy- guns and a bit of butter- German economy- guns and a bit of butter- Labor camps- extermination centers- Friday- Show trials- purges- Reichstag fire- symbol for expanding metropolis- Guy who lit the fire- blamed on communism- First time rights have been suspended- concentration camps begin to open- e.g. Dachau- Enabling Act- March 23, 1933- makes Hitler dictator for 4 years- April 1, 1933- anti- Jew boycott- Julius Streicher- Deuchebag- Hitler’s ally- April 7, 1933- Law passed to reinstate professional civil service...
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