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Charles 1 needs to call parliament back every time he needs money He needs a standing army to look strong Parliament is very Anglican English Nobles have had a say in what the King does since the Magna Carta 1641- Irish rebellion- English need an army to put down the rebellion King wants his own army Parliament says no Parliament raises an army The two armies fight each other Parliament army commander is puritan- James Cromwell- New Model Army Cromwell defeats the King’s army and becomes dictator
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Unformatted text preview: Richard Cromwell later takes over- flees and give power back to Charles 2 Cromwell dies- 2 years later dug up and hung him then beheaded him The people were looking for political stability Charles 2 gives them checks and balances Charles 2 is not an absolutist ruler Secret Treaty, see other notes Charles 2 and parliament pushing and shoving, taking everything to the limit Charles 2 can only get money by begging parliament...
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