epd-_ad_paper - History major how many of the 30 credits...

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History major- how many of the 30 credits need to be advanced? What courses qualify as advanced courses? I want to study abroad in New Zealand or Australia, when can I do this? Will I be able to keep up with history credits? Are there any courses that are pre requisites for application to the school of secondary ed, special ed, or history ed? Any math classes required at any point while in the school of ed, or before? If so, which ones? Any standardized tests? Chances of getting in? -Experiences What do you come out with, certificate or masters? Total credits needed? Where do you do your student teaching? Andrew Holzman EPD 155 Section 6 2/19/08 “Road Trips Don’t Have to End After College” A 30 second advertisement during the Super Bowl costs a company 2 .5 million dollars , and rightfully so, because what other time is there when a company can reach 97 .5 million potential customers in just 30 seconds? The answer is never , but advertising to a small, more direct audience can be just
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as effective . Every company has a target audience , and reaching that audience can sometimes be very difficult , but once the advertiser makes a connection with the audience , it becomes much easier to sell a product. That is certainly the case with an Air Force ROTC ad . The text and photo in the advertisement focuses on technology and creates an immediate bond with Generation Y . Using the imagery of an anonymous soldier surveying a beautiful landscape from a helicopter and creatively wording their ad in U Magazine , the Air Force ROTC effectively appeals to intelligent male and female college students with ideas of leaving the boring office job world to do something more meaningful for themselves . It also offers students the opportunity to experience true independence for the first time . However , the most essential aspects of the ad are controversial and unmentioned : the ad does not refer or depict any violence in an attempt to avoid the possible
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epd-_ad_paper - History major how many of the 30 credits...

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