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Questions: 1) Favorite Word 2) Favorite Sentence 3) Favorite Passage Provide a small contextual basis for each. I want to see how you're thinking. “Death in Venice” by Thomas Mann Write-Up #4 Favorite Word:“perfectionism” (921) Perfectionism is my favorite work in “Death in Venice” because it characterizes Aschenbach’s life all the way up until the events of the story. Aschenbach is a master artist, who has let nothing deter his inevitable ascent in his field. Ironically, Aschenbach’s long-lived perfectionism is obliterated by a sudden, capricious obsession with a beautiful youth. Mann illustrates the paradoxical trappings of an artistic temperament and the use of the word perfectionism prepares readers for this irony. Favorite Sentence:“He was more beautiful than words could ever tell, and Aschenbach felt as he often had before the painful truth that words are capable only of praising physical beauty, not of rendering it visible.” (952)
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