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analyze_ind_coax - p1uti2fr,r-tfl.2,B-D lflfl This is a...

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Unformatted text preview: p1uti2fr,r-tfl. .2,B-D. . lflfl} ; This is a graph cf Hit]. the "I' magnetic field around the wire at a distance r. It's enlj,r 1tralid frem a tn 1:). Birl=2fr sc 2 represents the constant mu*U[2pi}. 531-.r the inner, a. BEI diameter is [1.4 and the enter diameter. b. is 1. The green area is the total magnetic field between a and h. The green area is El] also the magnetic flux between a and b for a sliver El cf the length cf cable, which is what we're interested in -- fluxfl. In crder to find All that green area yen just use calculus and integrate Efr} tram a tn 1: and yen get lnibfal = green area. ...
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