can citizens be trusted

can citizens be trusted - will just follow the crowed and...

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Aaron Olexa Professor Carl Post HIS 1000 December 17, 2006 Can most citizens be trusted? I believe that most citizens most of the time can be trusted but only as individuals. I think that when people are confronted on a personal level and as more of a one on one talk that they are much more likely to be trusted. I feel that when people are in groups that they definitely can not be trusted because when people are in groups they tend to act and think differently then in normal circumstances. You lose the personal level and most people
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Unformatted text preview: will just follow the crowed and not think for themselves when they are in groups. If you think back on much experience that you have had through out your life I am sure that you can remember making many dumb mistakes or doing dumb bets or actions when you where with a group of rather then when you where alone. When people are in groups I feel that they can not be trusted, however when people are alone and there is a personal level that most citizens can in fact be trusted....
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