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Aaron Olexa Professor Carl Post HIS 1000 Should Religion be taxed? I don not believe that religion should be taxed for a number of different reasons. Religion is just a cretin belief that a person or group of people believes in, there is no reason or justification on why this action should be taxed. Taxing what someone believes in is like taxing a vegetarian for not eating meat or taxing a police officer because they believe in bring in a criminal and up holding the law. The whole idea that someone, some group or some government could even think the idea is absolutely ludicrous. You can’t and shouldn’t tax someone for having a certain belief system. Also taxing religion would be taking away from the Americans rights. The first Amendment freedom of speech and the right to believe in what you want. If religion is being taxed then it is tacking away from that right. When America was first founded it was a safe haven for people who
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Unformatted text preview: wanted religious freedom and by taxing religion we are tacking steps back, instead of moving forward. Another major problem that that taxing religion brings about is that there are so many different religions in the united sates that it would be very hard to tax them as a whole because some are very big while other are very small. Some church’s have tens of thousands of members while others have 1000 members. How would this be far to the small church’s, if they were to tax the big church’s the same amount as the small ones. If this is done then religions would start to disappear because of the taxes and it would turn into a religious genocide because only a few religions would be able to pay the taxes. Taxing religion would be an all around bad idea and would do more harm then it would good....
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  • Taxation in the United States, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Aaron Olexa Professor, Professor Carl Post

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