progressive area vs liberalism

progressive area vs liberalism - being formed along with...

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Aaron Olexa February 9, 2007 Prof. Hoult Hist-2304-02 Historians refer to the Progressive era as a view to modern day liberalism. I believe that this statement is true. Modern day liberalism is primarily is about individual rights which advocates the same point and goals that where made during the Progressive era. During the Progressive era the goals that where formed and enforced are the same as today’s liberals, for example democracy, education, regulation, social justice and welfare. In the Progressive era the first forms of welfare and higher education are
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Unformatted text preview: being formed along with better working conditions and hours. Also in during the Progressive era more efficient government was formed such as taxes and also more tolerance for people of different races. Modern day liberalism goals haven’t changed since the Progressive era; their goals are individual rights, private enterprise, and a transparent system of government. Other goals include anti-discrimination laws, universal education, progressive taxation, and welfare....
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