urinetown, the musical

urinetown, the musical - Aaron Olexa Into. To Theater...

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Aaron Olexa Into. To Theater Professor Heart Urinetown, The Musical Sunday, October 22, 2206 at 2:00pm The Kean production of Urinetown the musical was an absolutely spectacular production. From open to close Urinetown kept me laughing the whole time. When I first walked into I was very impressed with the whole set. To see the whole stage set up was excellent and to see it working made a big impact because you know you helped build it. The scenery really brought the lay to life; sitting there I could truly picture a Gotham like city and feeling. The turn table worked out very nicely and added great effect as well alone with the pips on the walls and ceiling, and having roles of toilet paper on each persons seat was an excellent way to make the audience feel like the were apart of the show. The stage was also good in the fact that the actors were able to get around behind the audience with out drawing attention away from the play which was very impressive. The use of props was used well as well. Using a plunger and a toilet bowl cleaner brush
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urinetown, the musical - Aaron Olexa Into. To Theater...

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