Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease - life style to a healthier one and by...

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Aaron Olexa Norma Bowe April 15, 2007 Article Research Project Chronic Disease: The major chronic disease that concerns me the most is heart disease and other heart related problems. the main reason for this is due to the fact that almost all the men on both sides of my family have suffered from heart disease of have passed away do to a heart attack. Heart disease runs in the family do to DNA, but also living with people effects your health as well because the have influences on your food and on your life styles like smoking, weight loss, or working out. (Harvard Women’s Health Watch). Most heart attacks are caused by two factors, stress by ether with family, work or money, and by unhealthy habits such as smoking little to no exercise and bad eating habits. heart attacks and heart disease can be avoided by changing your
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Unformatted text preview: life style to a healthier one and by going to the doctors for regular check up, especially if heart disease runs in your family already because then you are at a higher risk from the start. “Not smoking, Daily exercise (at least 30 minutes), Moderate alcohol consumption (an average of one Aaron Olexa 2. half to two drinks daily), A healthy body weight (measured as a Body Mass Index under 25), A healthy diet (based upon the Alternate Healthy Eating Index developed by HSPH, which targets food and nutrients associated with lower risk of chronic disease).” (Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter) states in the Five Healthy Lifestyle Factors Fight Heart Disease in Men that these five steps will help men greatly reduce their risk of having a heart attack and will help with heart disease as well....
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Chronic Disease - life style to a healthier one and by...

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