environmental health

environmental health - to melt which increase the sea level...

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Aaron Olexa Norma Bowe April 15, 2007 Article Research Project Environmental Health: Environmental Health is a topic that is very important to the human race because it affects everyone do to the fact that we all live in it. The biggest problem that the environment faces today is Global Warming. Global warming is do to the release of carbon dioxide gasses into the air trapping the heat from the sun on earth causing a greenhouse effect. This green house effect is raising the earth climate temperature. “Global average temperature has risen 1.4 degrees F since 1750… global temperatures as much as 20 degrees F by 2100.” (Roger Di Silvestro). The increase in temperature has made the polar ice caps begin
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Unformatted text preview: to melt which increase the sea level. Also the whether has begun to change, having a hotter temperature and more rain which is causing a specie shift in both animals and in trees. Global warming has also made a hole in our ozone layer which now is be lived not to heal is self until the year 2064. The burning of rain forest, destroying coral reefs and debunking nuclear are also increasing global warming. Global warming has a domino effect on our whole Aaron Olexa 2. environment. Every action has an effect, not only on the environment, but it also has an effect on us as well. And if these problems with our environment are not fixed soon we are going to keep having more and more problems....
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environmental health - to melt which increase the sea level...

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