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infectious disease - fast Over 50million people are already...

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Aaron Olexa Norma Bowe April 15, 2007 Article Research Project Infectious Disease: Infectious disease is a very broad topic and covers a lot of different major topics. The topics that I focused on are on sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS is one of the fastest spreading diseases in the world today and is also causing a lot of problems as well. It started out as just a disease that gay men would get and drug users, however now AIDS has “infected almost as many women as men worldwide….with the death toll to date: 25 million and counting…. killing more Americans than every conflict from World War II through Iraq” (Jefferson, David, Setoodeh, Ramin). Another major STD is genital herpes. This disease is not deadly like AIDS but it is incurable and spreading
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Unformatted text preview: fast. Over 50million people are already infected with the disease and the number is growing. “About one in four women and one in five men have this disease” (BY JANELLE GARDNER). What make this disease have the ability to spread so rapidly is that if a person is not having a out brake it is extremely hard to tell if a person has herpes or not. Herpes is also a painful disease both physically and Aaron Olexa 2. mental, there are even group therapy sessions to help people cope with having this disease. The use of condoms is the best way to try and stop the spread of all types of STDs. All though condoms are not 100% effective in preventing all STDs it is a definite attribute on controlling the spread of STDs and on helping you stay STD free....
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