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could you lead a crusade - When divorce is over and the...

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Aaron Olexa Professor Carl Post HIS 1000 October 24, 2006 Could you lead a crusade? I think that I could lead a crusade. Leading a crusade all you have too really do is believe very strongly in something and have the will and the drive to do it. If I were to lead a crusade I would lead one against what happens to the kids in a divorce, meaning during the divorce, remarrying and child support. I have very strong feeling towards this issue because I come from a divorced family and I have experience in both sides of it. I have seen when the divorce is happening how parents play off their children and I have seen how the kids get dragged into even when the parents try to keep them out of it.
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Unformatted text preview: When divorce is over and the parents decide to get remarried it can have a good out come or a bad one. For example when my mom remarried Steve my stepfather treated me like his own son however when my father remarried I stopped see him all together and he started his new family. And now for child support its goes throw court and it feels like you’re not even related to you. I don’t think that this type of problem gets enough attention from people and is a lot of times just over looked in today’s society. However this is a topic that I feel very strongly about and that I would like to see changes made in these areas....
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