Practice Exam 1--BOM

Practice Exam 1--BOM - Matching a Alma b Korihor c Helaman...

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Matching: a. Alma 1. Heads a mission to reclaim the Zoramites b. Korihor 2. The “antichrist,” but ends up being trodden upon and killed c. Helaman 3. Son of Alma; given the brass plates, the liahona, etc. d. Shiblon 4. Son of Alma; told to “use boldness, but not overbearance” e. Corianton 5. Son of Alma; was taught the three unforgiveable sins f. Rameumtom 6. A tower on which people prayed g. Pahoran 7. The third Nephite chief judge h. Moroni 8. Nephite military commander; inspires soldiers to fight for freedom i. Amulek 9. Missionary companion of Alma; preaches repentance j. Amalekiah 10. Stirs up the Lamanites in the land of Nephi k. Jacob 11. The victim of a decoy strategy l. Nephihah 12. The second chief judge of the Nephites m. Teancum 13. Killed Amalickiah n. Ammoron 14. The brother of Amalikiah o. City of Gid 15. The Lamanite city that was taken by wine p. Kingmen 16. People who wanted a king q. Freemen 17. People who respected the prophet r. Lehi 18. Nephite military commander; Alma’s best friend s. Bountiful 19. Place where the Lamanites held the Nephite prisoners t. Morianton 20. beats his maid servant , and flees to tell Moroni about Lamanite
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Practice Exam 1--BOM - Matching a Alma b Korihor c Helaman...

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