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review for test 1

review for test 1 - -HUMAN PREDICAMENT The cycle from...

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-HUMAN PREDICAMENT The cycle from tyranny to anarchy, to which sovereign power and its ill effects give rise. Human Desires: Material well-being Spiritual and emotional well-being Association—family, church Predictability or control Freedom Anarchy-chaotic expression of individual or small group will. Anarchy generates fear of disorder Engenders a desire for order. When anarchy is widespread, people will often accept repression or tyranny is search of order. Tyranny-organized expression of the will of an individual or small group; tyranny often depends on fear of the state or the dictator Engenders fear, but it also engenders a desire for freedom that often leads to revolution A tyrant/dictator often goes to extremes in order to maintain power. This extreme may generate revolution through fear and the problem of group coordination often frustrates attempts to overthrow a dictator. The Cycle of Tyranny and Anarchy Tyranny Competing groups Revolution Anarchy -HUMAN NATURE The fundamental disposition of humans that determines their behavior. Government actions or other social institutions may be described as: Conflicting interests o Driving to different places Method of resolving conflicting interests o Drivers license, laws An assumption about human nature o People are self interested Our design of government or of any social structure follows from our assumption about human nature. Self interest: our actions are motivated soley by concern for ourselves. Public interest: we consider our effect of our actions on others as well as our own interests. Individuals are motivated largely by self-interest, but almost all people possess some degree of public virtue. Means of social control of conflicting interests Self-control through public virtue Coercion by government to control self-interest Structure to use self-interest for the common good o Goal is an equal division of the money o Self-interest max. my gain
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o Structure one divides; the other chooses o Result equal division of money -COVENANT COMMUNITIES
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