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What is Judaism? What are its principles? 1. God is one, holy, sovereign and good 2. God is transcendent and immanent 3. 4. Humans are flawed but valuable 5. Mixture of Free Will and Predestination 6. Chosen People 7. Covenant a. Ethical: Love God and neighbors (Lev 19:18b, Dt 6:5) b. Ritual: Circumcision, Kosher, tithing, sacrifices, festivals,
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Unformatted text preview: sabbath, etc. 8. Prophets - summon people to obey God - short-term pessimists, long-term optimists 9. Eschatology - God's ultimate plan - Judgement Day, Perfected World, Heaven and Hell, Resurrection 10. Messiah - "Anointed One" - person empowered by God who helps carry out God's plan. 11. "People of the Book" - earliest religion with high quality "Holy" writings....
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