what does the bible give us

what does the bible give us - What does the Bible give us...

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What does the Bible give us? 1. "Fundamentalism" not only question; historical, linguistic, and literary analysis yield useful results, yet need for skepticism due to circular reasoning of some critics (e.g. "Jesus Project", Thomas Jefferson). The Bible, the most important book in shaping our culture, is a complex work deserving painstakingly careful study. 2. Sacred writings of Judaism (aka "Old Testament" by Christians) composed over 1000 years in many places in several languages. Written in response to contemporary issues and problems; must take the historical context of the writing of a passage and all implications of its language into account to understand its full message 3. Allegorical interpretations used even before Jesus' time; Jesus and Paul use allegorical interpretations as well 4. Several levels of interpretation used in Early church thru medieval period. Increasingly complex. Same passage could be viewed as true on several or all of these levels. a. Literal; even early analysts (Origen, Augustine) accepted that not all sections are literally true. b. Figural Allegory (past); OT characters and events prefigure the NT. Melchizedek in Genesis, David, and Jonah are figures of Jesus. c. Ethical (Moral) Allegory (present): OT figures or events give us moral lessons - Abraham and Jonah on faith when things seem hopeless, Jonah on resurrection. d.
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what does the bible give us - What does the Bible give us...

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