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jesus alexander judea and rome

jesus alexander judea and rome - ALEXANDER JESUS JUDEA AND...

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ALEXANDER, JESUS, JUDEA AND ROME 420 B.C. - 6 B.C. – The Intertestamental Period 1. Persia conquered Babylonia 540 B.C. - ruled Judaea till 331 B.C. a. Released Judaeans from "Babylonian Captivity" - first large group returned to Jerusalem in 519/8 b. Similar religion - Zoroastrianism: 2 spiritual gods - god of good (Ahuramazda) and god of evil (Ahriman); eschatological - In end times, good will defeat evil - perfected world. Humans must stand for good or evil - judgement day - heaven and hell, c. Persians were kind to Judaeans - paid cost of rebuilding temple, promoted several to powerful imperial posts 2. Alexander & Hellenistic world - conquered Judaea in 331 B.C. Greek became language of cities, commerce, culture, and elites. a. Ptolemies controlled Judaea (Judah) 320-201 B.C. Left Judaea alone so long as it paid its taxes. Imported into Egypt Greek and Jewish soldiers to keep native Egyptians under control. b. Many Hellenized Jews lost ability to read Hebrew. Hebrew sacred writings (OT) Translated into Greek = Septuagint , called this because allegedly 70 Jewish elders translated it. Not only
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