Cor 302- Paper 2

Cor 302- Paper 2 - The Search for Order is a book by Robert...

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The Search for Order is a book by Robert Wiebe in which the title tells all, it was a time where America was searching for its identity not only politically and socially but also in regards to its rank among the world’s elite. The Search for Order is a book that explores how American society grew from the ideas of a perfect Republic in pre-revolutionary America to a not-so –perfect post civil war Democracy . It was a time that had evolved from a society interested in the betterment of the world to one that was all about the self-interest of the individual. Said best by Gordon Wood, “A new generation of democratic Americans was no longer interested in the revolutionaries’ dream of building a classical republic of elitist virtue out of the inherited materials of the Old World… Instead, it would discover its greatness by creating a prosperous free society belonging to obscure people with their workaday concerns and their pecuniary pursuits of happiness- common people with there common interests in making money and getting ahead” (Wood 369). Like Wood, Wiebe saw that times were changing and the old traditional ways of doing things were being substituted for a new and more innovative lifestyle. Citizens “sensed that something fundamental was happening to their lives, something they had not willed and did not want, and they responded by striking out whatever enemies their view of the world allowed them to see. They fought, in other words, to
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preserve the society that had given their lives meaning. But it already slipped beyond their grasp” (Wiebe 44). The formation of a perfect Republic was doomed from the start as America continually lacked the foundation necessary to support it. In a perfect Republic the wealthy elite serve for the good of the public. America paled monetarily in comparison to England’s wealth, which stood as a prerequisite for the leaders of a Republic. It wasn’t long before their attempts failed and the middle class began to take a stand and separate themselves. As Wood mentioned “The founding fathers were unsettled and fearful not because the American Revolution had
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Cor 302- Paper 2 - The Search for Order is a book by Robert...

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