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Cor 302- Paper1 - History as told throughout the past is...

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History, as told throughout the past, is one person’s interpretation of actual events relating to a particular person, event or period of time. How well the author dictates the events of the past as well as the relevance of surrounding evidence allows the audience key in on the significance and follow the sequence of events as if they were actually there. How do we know that the history being retold is actually fact and not fiction? What do we have to compare it to other than others recounts from the same time period? It is the author that presents the most compelling description through first hand accounts, actual quotes from witnesses of the event as well as the interpretation of thoughts from those being narrated. It is through quotes, the interpretation of thoughts and reference to previous historical accounts that the authors Natalie Z. Davis and Gordon S. Wood are able to so vividly describe the mental state as well as the condition of the community in their books The Return of Martin Guerre as well as The Radicalism of the American Revolution. Their accounts though are put to the test by critics such as Robert Finlay and Howard Zinn who attempt to point out misconstrued revelations.
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The Return of Martin Guerre is a well known literary work that recalls the history of a peasant farmer’s abandonment of his family, most notably the effect it had on his wife Bertrande. Natalie Davis retells the story as if in real life going into detail about everyday things such as dress and social status to give the reader a more in depth description that allows them to feel a part of the time period. As the relationship of Martin and Bertrande, two of the main characters, progressed the impotence and inability to produce an heir took its toil. Being the laughing stock of the city ultimately caused Martin to seek refuge in some place other than the confines of Artigat. It isn’t until the arrival of Arnaud du Tilh, a skilled
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Cor 302- Paper1 - History as told throughout the past is...

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