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po2cse - Port A Notethat it won = n we not main me-g mat...

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Unformatted text preview: Port A Notethat it won) = n we not main me-g mat vmeforthep-otflrlial V[r} could mthecalmnatea (shoopotaflialis atways 'mtfims ofsomo rim potmfial), only the poturtiai difl‘m me) — Vfr]. Moreova; the vine forV{r} thatyoucflmflateforthomgjon r 1:: fl, isvaidodyfortherogionoutsifloofbothsphoreiasyouwfl seeintho foflowing pats. For? C Note that wmthoughthfiois no dochicfiold inside the outermost changed what, there is. 51H 3 mm potwtiai Mme. Howovor, Wettispotfirfialdoos not depmdonthovaliaflo T,hutonlyonthomdioftho spheres. 1‘3. and 11,1155 potential flbeomtafi thoughomthoilmfisphme_Fm1hm_more,-itho two 5,]:th Iiidnothaqo the same magnitude ofchal'ge fog, +qmd —l.‘:;)1iw.l'itl:l4!]‘3.IE QLthesomemothodcouldstflbeusefltocaimflatothepotmfiibut'mthatcase‘thoeiocuicfieldiu theoutetmgionwoddnotbezmfiimewowoddhaveqm =q—Q-Thoonlyrogionttisumfldafiecthomfl,isf} fh, simmeuidosodchagowmfldbethemohthomidfleandimumgions (aim =qam! U,Ie5pocfivodfl_ ...
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