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Richardson 1 Nick Richardson Professor John McKinnis 6 December 2007 English 102 Outsourcing: Useful or Useless If someone were to start their own business, one would want their business to be run as cheaply as possible in order to maximize their profits and success. The goal of any business is to grow as much as possible and sustain success. Usually with any good business, it starts out as a small, modest establishment and eventually grows into a giant like Wal-Mart has become. When that happens, the owner needs to figure out how to meet the demands of the all of those consumers and retain what got that business to where it is today and still make a profit. This is where things get dicey; some businesses like Wal-Mart have people from other parts of the world (who generally get paid next to nothing) make their products for a cheaper cost resulting in lower prices. However, there is a fine line between running things cheaply and exploitation. Outsourcing is an issue that crosses that line and is being debated on heavily by many people. Some people think it is a good thing because businesses will be run more efficiently, productivity will increase, and free trade will be promoted by giving jobs to other people across the globe. Others think that outsourcing will do just the opposite and the only thing that will change is that lots of American workers will lose their jobs to people in other countries who will work for less because a bunch of those people that take those jobs are not used to having money, let alone getting paid a regular wage, so they will jump on any opportunity that comes their way. The only problem with that is those people do not make enough with those wages to make a decent living either, so the anti-outsourcing group thinks that there will be a lose-lose result for everyone. With all due respect to the former side of the argument, the latter side is the side that makes the most sense.
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Richardson 2 According to the pro-outsourcing crowd, outsourcing is just a means of getting more from lower cost inputs, which leads to lower prices for all U.S. firms and families. Kane says that lower prices lead directly to higher standards of living and more jobs in our growing economy. (Kane) They forgot to mention the fact that in the process, people are losing their jobs and continue to lose them. Piatak also mentions that “Forrester Research projects that 500,000 computer-programming and information- technology jobs will migrate to India alone by 2015, joining a projected total of 3.3 million private- sector service jobs moving abroad over the same period.” (Piatak) Gomberg also states that roughly 61,000 jobs are moving offshore today from business operations and that number is likely to grow to
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Outsourcing - Richardson 1 Nick Richardson Professor John...

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