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Nick Richardson 10/25/07 Exam 2 Essay Questions World Civ. 1. When Alexander the Great died, he said to his generals that his empire should go to the “strongest.” Obviously, there are going to be different opinions between the generals as to who the “strongest” is, so the suggestion I made to my general is to take control of the Greek region instead the Egyptian and Mesopotamian regions. The only bad things about this region is that it is the hardest region out of the three to grow crops in and communications. Some may say that is a big deterrent, but after the advantages are explained, the choice to take control over the Greek region will be clear. You can use the island of Crete to be able to trade some of the materials harvested from the bountiful Greek harbors for food and other materials with Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea can be used for trade as well as communication with people from other lands like the Mesopotamian region for instance. Also, the mountains isolate the region from a lot of things, so the generals who want to take control of Greece from you will have some difficulty in doing so. If the armies of the other generals can somehow manage getting through the mountains, you would have control of the Athenian navy and the Spartan army who are very good at what they do and can take care of the problems that the other armies may pose. So now that we took care of the problem of communicating with other lands and obtaining food
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World Civ. Exam Essays - Nick Richardson Exam 2 Essay...

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