Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric Circulation - Oceanography 201 Atmospheric...

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Oceanography 201 10/13/06 Atmospheric Circulation - 13 North and 13 south is where the heat comes in. There is a mechanism which transfers heat from the south pole to the north pole. - Ocean circulation drives regional climates ,while the Atmospheric circulation drives the ocean circulation Transfer of Heat - Conduction: Transfer of heat via a direct contact, heat flows from the warmer to cooler body until both have the same temperature. Atmosphere is heated by conduction - Convection: Heat is carried by the physical movement of the fluid. Cold goes down, heat goes up, in a pan. Forms a convection cell. - Radiation: Any object with a temperature radiates heat with electromagnetic radiation the Earth loses heat this way – infrared. Cannot lose heat by conduction, and cannot lose heat by convection because space is a vacuum. - Sun surface temperature is 5780 C, and radiates heat at 501 nm. - Sun uses short wave radiation. Earth receives it, and loses it by long wave radiation. We still put out as much heat.
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Atmospheric Circulation - Oceanography 201 Atmospheric...

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