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Quiz3 - Throughout the Latin American region in the last 40...

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Throughout the Latin American region, in the last 40 years, the RATE of population growth has decreased and then rapidly increased. What is the altiplano? the high-altitude plateau where the Andes Mountains reach their greatest width What is dependency theory? the idea that the expansion of European capitalism created Latin America's underdevelopment What Latin American city has the largest population in the region? Mexico City, Mexico Which Latin American country is the world leader in coffee production? Brazil Which country in Latin America sends the largest number of legal immigrants to the United States? Mexico Which of the following best describes El Nino? All of these(It involves a warm Paific current that usually arrives along coastal Exuador and Peru in December (around Christmastime), It often brings devastating floods, It is the most talked about weather phenomenon in Latin America, The name is a reference to the Christ child) Mexico City's environmental problems were made worse by
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