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Lab 2006 Final Review - Lab Exam Review Sheet Biological...

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Lab Exam Review Sheet Biological Molecules What are the 4 classes of macromolecules which make up the bulk of living matter (cells) 1. Carbohydrates What is the reagent used to test for the presence of sugars Benedicts Solution What metal ions form an important component of the reagent Copper Ion Color for the positive control and negative control of the reagent Blue Benedicts Solution turns Green Color of the reagent with a small quantity of sugar; a large quantity of sugar Light Blue, Dark Green What is the basic structural molecule of a simple sugar Carbon Bonded to Oxygen or OH What reagent is used to test the presence of polysaccharides Lugols Reagent Color for amylase and amylopectin; glycogen; cellulose Blue-Black Color, Glycogen (animal starch) turns red brown, Cellulose turns violet brown to red brown The color of Lugol’s with polysaccharide is due to……? The result of an Iodine molecule reacting with the helical structure of the polysaccharide 2. lipids Structural difference between a lipid (oil) and phospholipid Phospholipids are made up of hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails, while fats and oils are similar but composed of carbon and OH groups. What is the “backbone” molecule; the other molecule which joins to the backbone The Backbone of the molecule is carbon, while the molecule which joins the backbone is hydrogen What is the reagent used to test for this molecule; + and – control Sudan III 3. proteins Reagent used to test for protein presence Biuret Reagent What are the two compounds used in the test Sodium Hydroxide and Copper Sulfate are used in Biuret’s Reagent What is the color of the reagent and the color after it reacts with a protein Color of reagent is dark, while the positive control is purple, and negative is blue Which test uses heat for development? What is the temperature and how long is it heated Benedict’s test for reducing sugars. Heated to 90-95* for 4-5 minutes
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Cell Structure What are the basic differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Prokaryotes contain no internal organelles except ribosomes, while eukaryotes contain a nucleus and internal organelles. Be able to identify a cell or organism and classify it into either the Domain or
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Lab 2006 Final Review - Lab Exam Review Sheet Biological...

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