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The Three Gorges Dam is being constructed on which river in East Asia? Yangtze What is an anthropogenic landscape? a landscape that has been heavily transformed by human activities On which of the following is Taiwan's economy is based? small and mid-sized family-owned companies With which of its neighbors does China have border tensions? India Which of the following phrases best describes the agriculture in East Asia? highly productive, but does not produce enough to feed all the people in the region What has been the consequence of China's "one-child" policy? All of these (The number of baby boys far outweighs the number of baby girls, Geneder-selective abortion has emerged, The average total fertility rate has declined to 1.8, Some families have abandoned healthy baby girls at birth) What is loess? a fine, fertile silt that is deposited by the wind What is China's rationale for constructing the massive Three Gorges Dam project? The nation is trying to reduce its dependence on coal as a power source and control flooding.
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