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In which part of Sub-Saharan Africa are the most secure wildlife reserves located? the South What characterizes Monopoly Colonialism? the development of cash crops for export to colonial powers Which of the following statements about Sub-Saharan agricultural policies is most accurate? They encouraged farmers to produce export crops. Which Sub-Saharan African country was the site of religious tensions between Muslims in the north and Christians and animists in the south, and more recently has seen ethnic violence in its Darfur region? Sudan What role did disease play in European efforts to colonize Africa? Endemic tropical diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa killed many Europeans, and delayed their conquest of the region. What is the Sahel? a zone of ecological transition between the Sahara to the north and the wetter savannas and forests to the south What are biofuels? wood and charcoal used for household energy needs Which of the following religions was indigenous in Sub-Saharan Africa? Animism
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